GTA 6 Leaks & Rumours | 4 Things Fans demand in Grand Theft Auto 6

The new instalment of GTA series is believed to be on its way to release in 2018. There are many rumours about its game play and release rate. Let us know about what are the rumours of GTA 6 series. GTA 6 Release Date Announced soon.

The most anticipate game series this year would be the GTA 6 which is most awaited game for gamers across the world. After the monumental success of its predecessor GTA 5, which was estimated to have record sales of over 70 million copies worldwide, the instalment of the game series is believed to be set for its release this year. GTA 5 was released in 2013 and it is already years now that no new series of the game has been launched and developers are take time to ensure that everything about the GTA 6 release meets the standards and quality of its illustrious precursor GTA 5. GTA 6 is always in news and here am gonna tell you about the features and wishlist by the GTA fans which they want to see in the coming version.

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Though the details and information regarding GTA 6 Release date are still too thin on the ground, we are here providing few details and information to give you an idea about the upcoming GTA game version 6.

GTA 6 Release Date : Everything About Grand Theft Auto VI


The developer of the game, Rockstar has not yet revealed the extract GTA 6 Release date . Although the developer has announced the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, but the GTA 6 Release date is still unknown. It is believed that after this title is completed, the developers would focus towards the crown jewel itself and hence the upcoming version of GTA would release.

There is no hurry for the developers though as they have introduced the new additions like Tron inspired Online Deadline which indicates plenty of money and life in the game for the games to enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto VI Compatibility and Consoles:

Grand Theft Auto VI Compatibility and Consoles

GTA 6 is expected to run on Xbox One and PlayStation Version 4 console. Since it would be graphically revived version, gamers can expect to enjoy playing it on new Xbox One S and Playstation Pro machines as well. Computer versions are expected to get faster release for GTA 6. Unfortunately, GTA 6 would not be the title that you will find on new versions of Nintendo Switch. The older versions of consoles are likely to miss out this time because the expected size, graphics and complexity of the series would only support the PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware.

# Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay and Story:

It is expected that the developers can’t think different from the tried and tested formula of open world adventure game with robust and most likely dark, narrative where gamers are stealing cars, pulling down buildings built on stilts and robbing banks.

Although the latest version of GTA would come with many new additions, but the two most notable expectations in GTA 6 are: First person mode which would replace the classic third-person that are used on all the releases of GTA till date. This is actually included in GTA 5 series after the game was official released and it makes sense that this could also be included in the upcoming series of GTA.

The Second feature expected to include in the GTA 6 series is female character. The GTA 5 series lacked behind in having any female character due to a bit of criticism for its depiction of women. So could be solved this time by alleviating the issues in the latest series. It would really amaze the gamers to have a woman protagonist in the game and storyline of the upcoming series of GTA.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay and Story

GTA 6 Characters and WishList

  • Strong Female Protagonist – All the GTA series is known to have strong male protagonist and gamers are now expecting from developers to introduce a strong female character in the line-up to make the game more interesting to play. Although the developers were criticised in the past for their sexiest attitude towards the female protagonists in the game, but still gamers are expecting to have the strongest female protagonist in the upcoming series.
  • Fresh Location – Another thing that gamers are expecting in the upcoming series of GTA 6 is a fresh location. Till now the GTA series has explored three key areas: San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City. Despite so big and longer series of titles, GTA is restricted with narrow location circle in the game. This is the time to refresh the game and add few more locations and cities in GTA 6.
  • Addition in Fuel Gauges – You are not yet assure how annoying and irritated it would be in the GTA 6 series. But, this would add another layer of panic and realism in the mission, if you need to check the fuel gauge of your vehicle consistently while playing the game. This could also make tense game play for you, especially if you need to change cars in mid of chase.
  • Better Vehicle Variations – The GTA 5 series included bicycles in the game which was the new addition to the game. It is expected that in the upcoming series there are will great variations of the vehicles for the gamers. It is expected that the GTA 6 would introduce skateboards and roller blades with which you can communicate in the boulevards

GTA 6 Characters and WishList

#GTA 6 Location:

This is probably the biggest question for all after the rumours GTA 6 Release Date. Although we are well versed with the fact that the developers of GTA start designing their game once they are settled with any right location, but the set and location of the city will greatly impact the feel and tone of the game. The developers have decided Tokyo and London as the potential setting for the upcoming GTA 6, but these locations has already appearance on the older to-down of GTA 2D releases. So, it is expected that San Andreas would remain the backdrop of the story-line this time with possibility for new generation hardware and features.

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